Lumyer Photo Animation – Download App for Android & iPhone/iPad

Lumyer Photo and selfie editor are one of the best applications of 2016. Lumyer is more than just a filter which includes animation to beautify the video or images and gives a new dimension to your photo. This application changes beautiful pictures, sceneries, selfies and all your captured moments into life. For every situation and occasion, Lumyer Photo and Selfie Editor has different effects and animations. Selfie option has different types of masks and effects making every picture unique. You are ready to amaze your friends with the Lumyer Photo Animation as they are beautiful and the application has a good variety of animations for videos.

You can even share these pictures in social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. GIFs are the saved forms of animated pictures. It captures the attention of people because of its attracting power with the cute and beautiful animations. It is easy to download from any phone that supports android and ios. After installing the app you can start using it.

Select the pictures you want a lumy effect. Then add the desired effects and change the shapes or size or position whatever is needed and you created an animated photo using Lumyer Photo Animation. The effects incorporated in this application are snow, rain, fireworks, etc. They also include soundtracks which make the picture more sweet and attractive. The ios version also supports filters and text addition.

Lumyer Photo Animation – Download for Android/iOS

Lumyer Photo Animation app

Steps to use Lumyer Photo and Selfie Editor in Android

  • Take a video or a picture from your android phone.
  • Search for the effects category. If you can’t find any interesting effect you can download the effects. Some of the effects are party, panorama, love, selfie, fantasy etc.
  • Choose the desired effect. You can choose any two effects or even one according to your choice.
  • After arranging the Fx save your lumy.
  • The saved video or photo is ready to be shared in social media.

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Steps to use Lumy Photo and Selfie Editor in iOS

  • Take a video and with the help of the effects create a live lumy video.
  • Click a picture or select a picture from your phone library.
  • After adding effects you can even customize the opacity level and other features.
  • Search for the different effects you want to download. Some of the effects are face-hair 1, face crap, etc. and add them. Adjust the effects according to your needs. Select another effect if at all required.
  • To see the full picture or video after the changes select to see all.
  • You can also add text or notes if needed and can customize them with desired color, fonts, size, rotation, etc.
  • You can also add filters by selecting the needed one.
  • After this, you can give a description about the picture with hashtags and tag your friends and family with privacy settings.
  • The final step is saving and uploading your lumy.

Lumyer Photo Animation makes the photo more cute and adorable. It can also be used as advertising technique by the companies as it attracts people because of a variety of animation. Nowadays people love animations as they find it new and trendy. The application having the newest animation has become a new favorite of people. So with this respect, Lumyer Photo Animation have the best animation effects which make the youth go crazy with their pictures. People love to socialize themselves and tell people what’s going in their life. Even if their life is boring this application can make it look interesting. The features of this application provide with different animation and customizing the picture according to user’s choice. With the help of this application, girls can beautify themselves anywhere.

Features of Lumyer Photo and Selfie Editor

  • The photos clicked with this application make the picture totally new and live. This becomes an art how a picture gets beautified after applying so many effects and filters.
  • The selfies have the option of different masks making it fun. It can also turn a selfie into a video which is the most amazing feature of this application.
  • Videos can be recorded with time effects and other effects to make the moments look live.
  • They have special video effects that you can apply when you are recording a video and make it more interesting to watch.
  • Lumyer Photo Animation provides you with hundreds of animation making it useable for any situation or occasion.
  • This application provides you with facilities like editing, text writing, and filters so that you can amaze your friends, create new moments and look beautiful.
  • Animations provided by Lumyer Photo Animation makes a picture and video catchy or attractive due to which it can be used perfectly by the companies for advertising their business or promoting the products or services.
  • The photos can easily be saved as GIFs and can be shared on social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This keeps you close with your loved ones.
  • You can also directly make your facebook profile a lumy profile with the effects and filters.


Lumyer Photo Animation gives a realistic effect to a picture to enhance the beauty of the picture. Pictures, selfies and moments with loved ones come to life when you use this application. You might not be ready for a click but suddenly a friend of you clicked your picture this can only be beautified with Lumyer Photo and Selfie Editor. This application has face tunes which change your face and beautifies it with different facial effects. Faces tunes help to fix acne, change the eye color, removal of gray hair, etc. Different effects, hundreds of animations, different options of customizing the pictures made this application of the best applications of 2016. When you are getting so many features in one single application then the task of editing a picture becomes more easy and fun. This application can be used for both purposes i.e., personal as well as professional.

Lumyer Photo Animation – Download App for Android & iPhone/iPad
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